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Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg
Fakultaet Technik und Informatik, Studiendepartment Informations- und Elektrotechnik
University of Applied Sciences Hamburg

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sauvagerd

Berliner Tor 7, Raum 882/Room 882
20099 Hamburg, Germany

Tel./Phone 040 / 42875-8121

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Software Constr. in C++

 Contents and references
 Chapter 1 C++ introduction
 Chapter 2 C++_Keywords & basic I/O
 Chapter 4 C++_C++_non-OOP-related extensions
 Chapter 5 C++ Adventures with_strings
 Chapter 6 C++ Adventures with functions
 Chapter 7 C++ Class concept
 Chapter 8 C++ Working_with_Classes
 Chapter 9 C++ Inheritance
 Chapter 10 C++ Virtual functions and templates
 Chapter 11 C++ Data streams
 Chapter 12 C++ Error handling
 Chapter 13 Windows Programming using MFC
 Chapter 14_Further Concepts in C++

Software Constr. in C++ work sheets
C++ declarations                                             OOP_Script

Lab Software Construction in C++

 Lab_Group_IE2                                     Hints_Lab_Exam_SS2003
 Final_Exam_Sample_problems               Feedback_Lab_reports

 Lab_Assignment_1                                 Lab_Starters_ZIP
 Lab_Assignment_2                                 LectureSO2
 Lab_Assignment_3                                 cursor_mouse.obj
 Lab_Assignment_4                                 Hints_Lab_Report
 Style Guide                                             WORDReportHeader

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